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  Experts in creating and managing successful public sector strategies for Corporations, businesses and trade associations


Government can be by turns a partner, a customer—and sometimes an obstacle to your success.  The opportunities – and the risks – have grown dramatically. 

The Trammell Group offers a fresh approach to these new realities.  

Trammell Group principals have decades of experience at the federal, state and local levels, and have each held senior positions with major corporations. Our business perspective and political depth enable us to provide realistic analysis and highly effective management of your issue. 

And from our own nationwide network of lobbyists, lawyers and communications specialists, we can rapidly assemble a team that will give you a significant and ongoing advantage in the public arena.

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Trammell Group Principals 

James M. Trammell    (jim@trammell.org)

Jim Trammell has had a long and distinguished career in public and government affairs.  He served as Sunoco’s vice president for government relations, with responsibility for activities in the eastern half of the United States.  Jim has played a key role in shaping policy on some of the most difficult environmental and fiscal issues facing the petroleum and petrochemical industries. Currently, he serves as chief advisor and strategist for the Pennsylvania Manufacturers Association.

John H. Galloway   (jack@trammell.org)

Jack Galloway served for many years as Chevron’s vice president of public affairs, where he was widely viewed as one of the industry’s most effective and perceptive strategists.  Jack is an attorney and former federal prosecutor.  His other business activities include serving as president of Chesapeake Beneficial Corporation, a start-up company based on innovative technologies for handling dredging by products

Roger Friskey   (roger@trammell.org)

Roger Friskey is the Trammell Group’s communications specialist.  A successful professional writer, he is highly skilled at developing all of the elements necessary to support a winning campaign: press releases, legislative testimony, position papers, direct mail, and electronic communications. He also served as Amoco Corporation’s ( now BP) public and government affairs manager and registered lobbyist in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey.


James M. Trammell, II   (jmt@trammell.org)

Jim Trammell has extensive field experience in community relations, coalition building and grassroots organizing.  He served as a public and government affairs representative for Star Enterprises, and served as manager, state public affairs for Pennsylvania Power and Light.


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